Bath Fizz - Essential Bergamot & Earl Grey 400g
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Bath Fizz - Essential Bergamot & Earl Grey 400g

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Essential Oil Muscle Repair Bath Fizz containing Bergamot Essential oil, Earl Grey tea leaves, lavender, rose and cornflower petals as well as a generous amount of magnesium sulfate, will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Just sprinkle your desired amount into the bath.

Why is our Essential Bath Fizz so good for you?
1. It's packed with magnesium sulfate to help ease tired, aching muscles.
2. It contains kaolin clay which helps cleanse your skin.
3. It contains essential oils which have a whole heap of benefits.

Bergamot is a refreshing and uplifting essential oil that can benefit the body by reducing pain, eradicating body odour, reducing nervous tension, anxiety and stress, and helping against insomnia, 

Each 400g bag contains enough for at least 4 uses. At just $16.95 per bag, it is a great lavish bath time item to indulge your senses.  

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