Minions Grey Ouchy Pack
Lavish Aromas

Minions Grey Ouchy Pack

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This reusable Children's Ouchy Pack is perfect for soothing bumps and bruises on children. It can be used as either a heatpack or coldpack and the natural dried lavender aroma can assist in relaxing and settling children.

Adult supervision is required when using the pack. We recommend following your child's lead when they ask to use it as it may prove beneficial in helping them develop self-soothing techniques when they experience mild injuries. 

To use as a warm pack, place in the microwave on medium heat for up to 30 seconds.

To use as a cool pack, place in a ziplock bag in freezer.  Instruction card included.

Size: 15cm x 15cm.
Weight: 350g
Handmade in Australia.

Ingredients: Rice and Dried Lavender. 

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